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Is Kentucky Expanding Medicaid in 2014?

Many states across the country have decided to either expand or not expand Medicaid coverage in 2014. Only about half of the states have decided to expand their Medicaid programs.  Many Kentuckians are wondering if their Medicaid coverage will be expanding in the new year. The answer is yes. Kentucky will expand Medicaid coverage to low-income adults effective January 1, 2014, according to

That begs the question – how many currently uninsured Kentucky residents would be eligible for Medicaid?

Currently in the state of Kentucky, there are approximately 366,000 uninsured adults who are now eligible for Medicaid under the new expansion. Of that number, 288,000 would be newly eligible for Medicaid.

Kentucky will spend $277 million on Medicaid to cover the additional enrollment of eligible children and their parents through 2022. This expansion will increase Kentucky spending by $1.3 billion, according to sources at

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