How do I project my household size/income for next year if I’m pregnant now? I’m married and this pregnancy will be our first child. We want to find subsidized coverage in the Marketplace.

This fall you and your husband will apply as a household of two. When the baby is born, you can update your family information with the Marketplace to reflect that you have become a household of three. At that point, you may qualify for a larger premium tax credit. (For example, if you and your spouse together earned $30,000, as a household of two you would be required to contribute 6% of your household income toward the premium for the benchmark plan in the Marketplace. Once the baby is born and you are a household of three, you would only be required to contribute 4.17% of your income.) When you report your new family status to the Marketplace you will also have a 60-day special enrollment opportunity to add the baby to your plan, and you will be able to change health plans during that period if you want to do that.

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